Driving from San Jose

Driving from San Jose

When driving to Santa Teresa, the trip can be divided into 3 parts.

Getting to Puntarenas
Going from Puntarenas to Paquera
Going from Paquera to Santa Teresa

Getting to Puntarenas

From San Jose, take highway 27 to Puntarenas. The driving time its about 75 minutes, you will pass 3 tolls of around $1 each.
From Liberia, drive south on the Pan-American Highway, and turn off at the Puntarenas exit (see option #2 below).
From Liberia, you can also bypass the ferry by driving through Santa Cruz, on to Nicoya – Jicaral – Naranjo to Paquera (a 4×4 is recommended). See option #1 below.

From Puntarenas to Paquera

Once you arrive in Puntarenas, drive to the end of the peninsula, to the ferry departure point. You will start to see signs directing you to the ferry.
Note that there are two different ferries, one to Paquera, and one to Naranjo. Make sure to take the ferry to Paquera.
Pay for the ferry in the ticket booth, across the street from the ferry. You cannot pay on the ferry. You must pay for the car and for each person in the car.
The ferry takes about 75 minutes to cross the Gulf of Nicoya, and it may take another 15 minutes to drive your car off the ferry.

From Paquera to MalPais/Santa Teresa

From Paquera the drive to Santa Teresa will take you past Tambor and Cobano before arriving in Santa Teresa. Signs for those places will let you know you’re going the right way.
When you arrive at the MalPais crossroads, take a right to Santa Teresa and drive for 15 minutes aprox. to Rocamar road, we are the first property on the left side across the street from Blue Surf Sanctuary