Montezuma Waterfalls

From Santa Teresa it is a 45 minute drive to Sun Trails in Montezuma, where a naturalist guide will take you on a trail into the jungle. Starting with two hanging bridges on the canopy of the forest, you will continue on the trail for 20 minutes and you will reach the first waterfalls. With great nature pools for diving and swiming in the fresh water of this river. Then you will coninue on the trail for other 20 minutes, and get to the first and most impressive waterfall, a 75 feet cascade with an scenic nature pool immersed in the jungle.

Horseback Riding

Starting in Mal Pais, you will get on tame horses to discover some spectacular views of the coastline from a look out point on the hills, and then go down to the unspoiled beach, and across patches of jungle for a 2 hour ride that you will like to repeat right away!

Ollies Adventures (Mal Pais)

Ario Tours (Manzanillo)

Tortuga Island

Spend the day in the paradise Island of Tortuga. You will be picked up at 8 am and go to Montezuma or Tambor bay, and take a boat in an scenic trip along the coast to Tortuga Islands. Once there, you will go snorkeling at an offshore tropical reef with amazing marine life, while on the island, the crew prepares a BBQ lunch to be served on the beach.

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Surf Lessons

Santa Teresa is a surf town by excellence, and you will feel this energy as you cruise into town or hit the beach. This is a world class surfing beach, with tropical warm waters and waves all year round. Conditions here are ideal for learning to surf, and people travel from all parts of the world to start in the sport of surfing.


Catch and release or take your meal and leave the rest for the locals! With experienced and fully bilingual local fishermen, go for a fishing boat trip from Mal País and get the opportunity to fight some of the common fish we can find just offshore, like tuna, mahi mahi, rooster, snapper, snook. If you want something else, try kayak Fishing…

Quad Rental

ATVs are the easiest way to get around in SantaTeresa as many of the roads can be impassable in car. We ensure “Honda Reliability” with our Honda 420 TRX ATV’s. They are regularly service to ensure safety to our customers. We update the quads every year, so you are getting the best quads available in town.

Yoga Classes

Santa Teresa, and Florblanca specifically, exemplifies an active lifestyle, and our exceptional yoga classes will open the door to new experiences by stretching your mind, body and soul.

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